Why me?

Learning your first language was so natural and stress-free that you have no memory of how and when it happened. So why do so many of us, as adults, often see learning French -or any other language- as an insurmontable challenge?

I assure you that it does not have to be this way!

About Me

Just a bit about me… My name is Latifa Hajib-Niles. I was born and raised in France. I received a Master Degree in Foreign Languages (English and Spanish) with a speciality in International Trade from La Sorbonne Nouvelle University in Paris.  After completing my


There are mutiple ways we can work together. It all depends on your objectives. Whatever they are, they will serve as my practical starting point.
I organize your classes based on your own immediate objectives, experiences and stories which immediately and firmly « ground » you in the rich dynamics of the French language while providing a tangible point of reference from which you can rapidly improve.


...I find my lessons hugely sociable, flexible and interesting. We talk about the local culture, politics, international differences, films and share funny stories. Latifa uses scripts, games, textbooks, online resources and more to help you find the tools that most suit you...

Alissa R. from Edinburgh, Scotland, living in Arbonne, France

...She is a magnificent teacher and a great person. We look forward to our French classes every week!...

Adam & Tiffany W. from Christchurch, N. Z., living in Bayonne, France

...I highly recommend Latifa's method of learning... She is the key to Learning French!...

Nikki L. from Dallas, TX, USA, living in Paris, France

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