There are mutiple ways we can work together. It all depends on your objectives. Whatever they are, they will serve as my practical starting point. I organize your classes based on your own immediate objectives, experiences and stories which immediately and firmly "ground" you in the rich dynamics of the French language while providing a tangible point of reference from which you can rapidly improve.

So whether your objectives are personal or professional, I help you develop your very own simple set of  personalized experiential learning tools to efficiently achieve your immediate and long-term communication goals in French.

 WHO ?

  • Professionals
  • Expats
  • Individuals
  • Students
  • French Teachers

 HOW ?

  • Face-to-face
  • Phone classes
  • Skype / FaceTime sessions
  • Private or group classes (maximum of 4 students)
  • Traditional and personalized scheduling including semi-intensive and intensive sessions



  • Conversation Practice (various topics)
  • Writing/Editing sessions
  • Brush up sessions for non-native teachers of French
  • Preparation for various French exams (e.g. DELF)
  • Performance French (Writing/Performing Scripts, Role Play, etc.)
  • French Pronunciation
  • Document Correction/Editing

        WHERE ?

If it's for face-to-face classes, the location of your choice!...

Of course, if you live in Biarritz or its environ there are many beautiful, calming places from which to choose! 




Unlike many large language schools, I have no massive overhead so my fees are highly competitive.

PLEASE NOTE that if you are working for a company registered and located in France, you might be eligible for the "DIF" which stands for "Droit Individuel à la Formation"  recently renamed "CPF" (Compte Personnel de Formation). That means that there is a strong possibility that your classes can be paid for by your company. If you are not sure, contact me. I can walk you through the administrative process!